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Snell KAHUNA - 2.5 M/E SD/HD Kahuna CF+ System

KAHUNA - 2.5 M/E SD/HD Kahuna CF+ System KAHUNA - 2.5 M/E SD/HD Kahuna CF+ System KAHUNA - 2.5 M/E SD/HD Kahuna CF+ System

OUR PRICE: £114,500.00

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Snell KAHUNA - 2.5 M/E SD/HD Kahuna CF+ System Description

Kahuna is more than a new generation of production switchers. It's a big new idea that redefines what is possible in switching.

Designed for fast-paced, live production environments, it combines a comprehensive and versatile feature-set with the most innovative signal processing capability ever seen in a switcher.

Kahuna is the world's first true multi-format switcher. It offers simultaneous High Definition and Standard Definition operation in the same mainframe, with the same control panel. Even more remarkably, thanks to an advanced new pixel-filtering technology called FormatFusion™, it allows you to integrate any SD material such as handheld camera feeds, graphics or archives into HD productions, seamlessly, without the need for upconversion.

Instead of giving you the facility of operating in either SD or HD, Kahuna goes much further by eliminating the distinction between the two.

Fully software upgradeable, Kahuna, can be installed initially in SD-only or HD-only form and, when required, converted instantly to combined, multi-format SD/HD operation with no additional installation requirement.

Snell KAHUNA - 2.5 M/E SD/HD Kahuna CF+ System Specification

  • KAHUNA - 2.5 M/E SD/HD Kahuna CF+ System 
  • 2.5 M/E SD/HD Compact Control Panel with GUI 
  • 6U Mainframe. 
  • Includes: 40 Inputs and 4 Keyers per M/E, 
  • 2 Keyers on PGM/PST, 
  • Dual processing license, 
  • Extended Background Format Fusion, 
  • Advanced Models Group 1, 2, 3 and 4, Chroma Key, 
  • Resize Engines, Key Border, 
  • Still & Clip Store with Cliptrax, Programmable Output, 
  • External Control, GPI/GPO's, 
  • Safe Area Generator, 
  • input output colour correction 
  • Mainframe and Control Panel redundant PSU's. 

About Snell


Snell was formed in 2009 through the combination of Pro-Bel and Snell & Wilcox, two market-leading and innovative players in the global film & broadcast market. The company provides customers with a comprehensive range of solutions for the creation, management and distribution of content, as well providing the tools necessary to transition seamlessly and cost-effectively to digital, HDTV and beyond. Snell has a strong history of innovation and groundbreaking technical achievements, including a significant portfolio of intellectual property in image processing and content management. Its products and technologies have won more than 100 awards for technical innovation, including nine UK Queen’s Awards; five technical Emmy Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in the USA; and many best-of -show awards from industry publications. Headquartered in the UK, with offices in France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Lebanon, India, Hong Kong, China and the USA, the company serves customers in more than 100 countries. Compelling Solutions Snell's product range encompasses many of the core building blocks of the modern broadcast facility, and offers a seamless migration path to future technologies. Routing Mission-critical components in television broadcast and professional video operations that provide the core connectivity for all the signals in a facility. Modular Infrastructure The digital backbone of a TV facility, providing a wide variety of core video and audio processing operations that enable broadcasters to adapt seamlessly to changing requirements. Video Format & Standards Conversion Frame rate standards converters enable the international distribution of TV content, while format converters (e.g. HD up/down/cross converters) enable broadcasters to adapt their operations to the latest service offerings. Production Switchers Mission-critical elements of the live TV production environment, production switchers are used to cut and mix video sources in real-time. Primary applications include news, sports, current events, talk shows, etc. Master Control Mission critical components of live television and playout facilities that manage feeds going in to and out of the plant. The master control switcher is ordinarily one of the last points in the broadcast plant before a signal goes out live to air, and therefore directly controls what viewers sees at home. Automation Powerful software system that is used to control the entire television transmission environment. Automation controls all the equipment and systems involved in the playout of TV programming. Media Management Comprehensive software suite for managing file-based workflows, supporting many business models including multi-site operations.

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