LV5381 Multi SDI Monitor

LV5381 Multi SDI Monitor LV5381 Multi SDI Monitor LV5381 Multi SDI Monitor

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LV5381 Multi SDI Monitor Description

  • Simultaneous Monitoring of Four Inputs
       The LV 5381 is a waveform monitor with a built-in 8.4-inch TFTLCD. It can display up to four SDI input      signals of the same format simultaneously. The LCD is an XGA display (1024 x 768 pixels) that boasts high color reproducibility. This makes the LV 5381 useful for picture monitoring as well.
  • Rich Assortment of Display Features
    Not only does the LV 5381 have essential displays for video signal quality monitoring, such as a video signal waveform display and a vector display, it also has a rich assortment of other display features such as a picture display, audio level meter display, 5-bar display, transmission error detection, and gamut error detection.
  • Wide Variety of Display Formats
    In the video signal waveform display, vector display, and picture display, the LV 5381 can display up to four input SDI signals on top of each other or side by side. This makes it suitable for adjusting the gain and black balance values of multiple cameras. In the video signal waveform and vector displays, the LV 5381 can make different waveforms easier to see by using a different waveform color for each input channel.
  • Extremely Flexible Display Layouts
    Each of the different displays can be shown on a single screen, or the multi-screen display feature can be used to divide the screen into four areas with a different display shown in each area. The video signal waveform display, picture display, and audio level meter display can be shown as a thumbnail display on the one-screen display.
  • Video Signal Waveform Display
    The input Y CB CR signal can be converted to an RGB or pseudocomposite signal and shown on the video signal waveform display. The video signal waveform display has a rich assortment of features such as waveform magnification and line selection.
  • Picture Display
    The picture display has a wide variety of picture monitoring features, such as color temperature specification; brightness, contrast, and aperture adjustment; and the display of gamut error locations.
  • Standard-Equipped CINELITE â... ?
    The CINELITE feature makes it easy to manage the levels of specific points on the picture display. This is useful for adjusting the gain of multiple cameras through the use of the same reference point. The CINEZONE feature makes it possible to check the luminance distribution of the whole picture display at a glance.
  • Screen Capture Feature
    The display can be captured and stored as image data. The captured data can be displayed on the LV 5381. Additionally, it can be saved as bitmap files to USB memory, which makes it possible to view the data on a PC.
  • External Sync Signal Input
    The LV 5381 can receive a tri-level sync signal or an NTSC or PAL black burst signal as its external sync signal and then display video signal waveforms with this sync signal as its reference.
  • Presets
    Stores up to 30 front panel presets.
  • Key LEDs
    All the panel keys have LEDs. This makes it easy to find the keys even in dark environments.
  • Last Memory
    Equipped with a feature that stores panel settings to memory.
  • ID Display
    IDs can be assigned to input channels. IDs are entered from the LV 5381 panel.
  • Stereo Headphone Output
    The LV 5381 can deliver the embedded audio of an SDI signal in stereo through the headphone output jacks.

LV5381 Multi SDI Monitor Specification

Download PDF Specification Sheet



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