LV5300 - WAVEFORM MONITOR-With Eye Pattern-12G 4K 3G

LV5300 - WAVEFORM MONITOR-With Eye Pattern-12G 4K 3G

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LV5300 - WAVEFORM MONITOR-With Eye Pattern-12G 4K 3G Description

NAB 2018 RELEASE 4K Portable 

The LV5300  is a space-saving, compact WAVEFORM MONITOR specialized for 4K/HD/SD-SDI video signals. The LV5300 is a waveform monitor with a 7-inch touch screen display in a compact 3 U enclosure operative with battery power supply.. It is compact but supports eye pattern measurement up to 12 G-SDI. 

Supports various signal inputs 

Various SDI signals up to 12 G-SDI can be observed/monitored. Audio signals can correspond to SDI embedded voice. 

Excellent operability

With the front panel equipped with key buttons and knobs that follow the operability of conventional models, operation with a USB mouse is also possible. In addition, the LV5300 adopts a 7-inch full HD panel with a touch panel function, and the LV7300 can be operated and set intuitively by touch operation by connecting an external LCD adopted touch panel with a USB cable. 

* It does not guarantee operation with external LCD monitors adopted by all touch panels. 

SDI input format 

SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI Single Link is supported. 

Transmission quality analysis function 

In addition to monitoring of variousรข€?transmission errors, external synchronization phase difference display, lip sync measurement, SDI signal frequency deviation measurement function, an ancillary data analysis function with increased importance as a 4K video signal is also realized. 

LV5300 - WAVEFORM MONITOR-With Eye Pattern-12G 4K 3G Specification

Download PDF Specification Sheet

Video analysis function

 Various video signals include video signal waveform display, vector display, picture display 5 BAR display, CIE chromaticity diagram display, CINELITE, etc.

In addition to the various displays, freeze error, Black error, gamut error detection Function etc. Quality control (QoE) of video signals Functions Features are equipped.

 Voice analysis function

 For audio signals, SDI signals and audio signals superimposed on SDI signals can be displayed on a level meter. Furthermore, Lissajous display, mute, clip error detection, loudness measurement, etc. are available. Audio format is compatible with L-PCM.

 Eye pattern display

From SD-SDI to 12G-SDI
In the physical layer measurement of the SDI signal Some eye pattern display, and jitter display is possible.

 Subtitles/closed caption decode display function

Japanese subtitles and CEA-608, CEA-708 closed caption, Teletext, OP47 subtitle superimposed on SDI signal can be decode displayed.

 External synchronization signal input

The phase difference and synchronization status of each SDI video signal graphically based on the external synchronization signal (black burst, tri-level sync) can be confirmed.

 Customizable layout

Various items such as video signal waveforms, vector waveforms, and pictures of input signals can be laid out in any position with your preferred size.

 SDI signal generation function

SDI signal generation function can handle from HD-SDI to 12G-SDI. HD multiformat color bar and pattern corresponds to the multiple overlays of moving boxes and embedded audio, flat field pattern can be specified at any level, multiformat color bar 4K can be selected.

 External monitor output

Since the measurement screen can be output as SDI and TMDS from the monitor output terminal, it can be displayed on an external SDI monitor or HDMI monitor with full HD resolution.
* Does not guarantee the operation with all HDMI monitors. 


Capture function

It is equipped with a screen capture function to capture the display screen as still image data and a frame capture function.

 Time code display

The time code superimposed on SDI signals can be displayed. The time code can also be used as the timestamp of the event log.

 External remote terminal

The presets can be recalled by contact terminals, and switching input signals and tally displays and outputting alarms can be conducted.


Ethernet terminal

By connecting to the PC, remote operation by TELNET, file transfer by FTP, remote operation by SNMP and alarm notification, remote operation and monitoring from the browser via HTTP can be done.


The level management is possible at the assumed luminance (cd/m2) in a display considering HDR signal level monitoring and OOTF. The video signal waveform display corresponds to the HDR scale added to the IRE scale. In the cine zone display, the luminance distribution of the HDR area can be easily confirmed at the state where the SDR area is monochrome, the HDR is colored according to the brightness.

 Focus Assist

We developed a new focus detection algorithm based on nonlinear super-resolution technology, and accordingly the focus with high sensitivity can be detected even with low-contrast images, which were conventionally difficult to detect.

Tally display

Fast switching of tally display by remote terminal is also possible.




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