Vega 400 Mainframe

Vega 400 Mainframe Vega 400 Mainframe

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Vega 400 Mainframe Description

Vega is different... we describe it as 'fully asymmetric'... every port can be independently set up as an input or an output! For monitoring or distribution applications in particular, this minimizes I/O port wastage, where a traditional router of twice the size might be needed to implement the same system solution. Vega offers real savings in cost and space!

The basic format of video routers has remained unchanged for decades - it's time to offer so much more! 

Total asymmetric signal routing Each signal port independently conï?? gured for use as an input or output 

Coaxial copper or ï??ber connectivity HD-BNC and/or LC ï?? ber SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) I/O modules 

Extensive redundancy options Dual redundant crosspoints, frame controllers, power supplies and fans 

Ultra compact frame 50% more signal ports than conventional coax router for same rack height

Entry level lower cost alternative Dedicated 12-port 'coax only' rear modules (ï??ber connectivity not required) 

Comprehensive set of 'soft' and/or 'hard' control options Intuitive software-based 'plug and play' control and monitoring system and/or 1RU and 2RU control panels.

Vega 400 Mainframe Specification

Download PDF Specification Sheet

1x VG-MF400 Main Frame 192-Port I/O HD BNC reference inputs (4 Looped)
1x VG-PSU1 Power Supply unit for VG-MF192H series mainframes 
1x VG-XPT400 X Cross-Point Card 
for VG-MF192H series mainframes 
1x VG-CTLBUF Controller Card 
for VG-MF192H series mainframes 
VG-RM12H-SDI Vega 12-Port SDI I/O Rear Module, HD BNC (1 slot)

Unique flexibility

  • Every signal port can be configured as an input or an output
  • Supports both copper and fiber, or a mixture of the two

Mission critical reliability

  • Dual redundant crosspoints, frame controllers, power supplies and fans
  • Algorithmic system monitoring
  • Redundancy components are all hot pluggable

Installation efficiency

  • 50% more signal ports than a conventional coax router of equivalent rack height
  • Bridged coax / fiber boundaries without external media converters

VG-PSU1 Power Supply Unit for VG-MF192 series mainframes, Type A
VG-XPT400 X(Cross)-Point Card for VG-MF192 series mainframes, Type A
VG-CTLBUF Controller Card for VG-MF1192 series mainframes, Type A
VG-RM6SFP-SDI Rear Module, 6-Cage (12-Port) I/O, Serial Digital Interface
SM-T31T31-3G SM Fiber, 1310nm Tx + 1310nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T55T55-3G SM Fiber, 1550nm Tx + 1550nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T31R-3G SM Fiber, 1310nm Tx + 1260-1620nm Rx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T55R-3G SM Fiber, 1550nm Tx + 1260-1620nm Rx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-RR-3G SM Fiber, 1260-1620nm Rx + 1260-1620nm Rx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T59T61-3G SM Fiber, 1591nm* Tx + 1611nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T55T57-3G SM Fiber, 1551nm* Tx + 1571nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T51T53-3G SM Fiber, 1511nm* Tx + 1531nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T47T49-3G SM Fiber, 1471nm* Tx + 1491nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T43T45-3G SM Fiber, 1431nm* Tx + 1451nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T39T41-3G SM Fiber, 1391nm* Tx + 1411nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T35T37-3G SM Fiber, 1351nm* Tx + 1371nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T31T33-3G SM Fiber, 1311nm* Tx + 1331nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
SM-T27T29-3G SM Fiber, 1271nm* Tx + 1291nm Tx, 3Gb/s SDI
CC-TTH-3G-N Coaxial Copper, Tx + Tx, HD BNC, 3Gb/s SDI, Non-reclocking
CC-TRH-3G-N Coaxial Copper, Tx + Rx, HD BNC, 3Gb/s SDI, Non-reclocking
CC-RRH-3G-N Coaxial Copper, Rx + Rx, HD BNC, 3Gb/s SDI, Non-reclocking
SFP-Blank Small form Factor Pluggable EMI & Dust Blanking module
SFP-10Pack-CA HD BNC, CC-TTH-3G-N x 4, CC-TRH-3G-N x 2, CC-RRH-3G-N x 4
SFP-10Pack-FA SM Fiber, SM-T31T31-3G x 2, SM-T55T55-3G x 2, SM-RR-3G x 4
SM-T31R-3G x 1, SM-T55R-3G x 1
VG-RM12H-SDI Rear Module, 12-Port I/O HD BNC, Serial Digital Interface
VG-RMBP Rear Module Blanking Panel
VG-RMFU Rear Module Fan Unit
VG-MC37D Mating Connector & Shell, 37-way D type, solder bucket, screw lock
VG-CA37D9-4 Cable Assembly, 37-way D type to 9-way x 4 (Auxiliary serial ports)
6028000RCSB 78-Key LED High Density Button Control Panel - Blue
6028000RCWH 78-Key LED High Density Button Control Panel - White
6028251RCSB 39-Key LCD Control Panel with Rotary Encoder Knob  - Blue
6028251RCWH 39-Key LCD Control Panel with Rotary Encoder Knob  - White


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