LE-8HD 8 Input HD-SDI Multiviewer with built-in CATx extender

LE-8HD 8 Input HD-SDI Multiviewer with built-in CATx extender LE-8HD 8 Input HD-SDI Multiviewer with built-in CATx extender

£5,471.00 ex. Vat
£6,565.20 inc. Vat

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LE-8HD 8 Input HD-SDI Multiviewer with built-in CATx extender Description

  • Single frame processing delay
  • 8 auto-detect HD-SD/SDI/composite inputs (3G ready)
  • Upgrade from HD to 3G via software
  • 16 channels of embedded audio per SDI input
  • 4 channels of discrete audio per input (optional)
  • Supports DVI, HDMI, VGA (optional), SDI (optional) outputs
  • Supports full 10-bit HDMI 1.3 outputs
  • Output resolution up to 2048 x 1080 (including 1080p)
  • Built-in CATx extenders - extend 1080p (DVI/HDMI) up to 115 feet with optional active receivers
  • Built-in analog and digital clocks for time of day and up/down counters
  • Built-in LTC timecode and NTP for clock synchronization
  • Multiple labels per video windows - UMD, OMD, IMD, standalone labels
  • Supports Serial/IP and GPI tally 
  • Automatic input aspect ratio detection
  • Built-in video, audio alarm detections - no audio, audio high/low, no video, video black, video frozen, WSS/AFD
  • Supports closed captions(line 21, CEA 608, CEA 708)
  • Apantac Skin Technology allows on-screen graphical elements to be customized with any graphics tools
  • Field upgradable to allow discrete audio (AES/AA)
  • Front panel headphone jack with volume adjustment for convenient audio monitoring
  • Front panel buttons for quick preset recalls
  • 1RU with optional redundant power supply
  • 3 Year limited warranty

LE-8HD 8 Input HD-SDI Multiviewer with built-in CATx extender Specification


  • Video Inputs: 8 auto-detect SD-SDI/composite
  • Outputs: 1-2 DVI, HDMI,VGA (option),1 SDI (option)
  • Output Resolution: 800 x 480 - 2048 x 1080 (1080p)
  • Connectors: BNC IEC 61169-8 Annex A
  • Total Windows: 8
  • Built-in CATx Extender: Up to 35 feet Extend up to 115 feet (with optional active receiver
  • Serial Digital: SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M
  • On Screen Display: Skin Technology for customizing borders, labels (4 /window), fonts, tally LEDS, clock faces, logos, UMD, OMD, IMD, dynamic UMD
  • Equalization: 120m at 2.97 Gpbs, 140m at 1.485 Gbps, 400m at 270 Mbps with Belden 1694A
  • General Purpose IO: 24 inputs with DB9 connectors
  • Return Loss: >15db up to 270Mb/s
  • Serial Port: RS232 with RS422 or RS485 option, Connector: RJ45 Baud Rate Up to 115200 Supported Protocols: TSL, TSI, AXP
  • AES Audio: 4 channels / video input (2 pairs, balanced / unbalanced)
  • Analog Stereo Audio:4 channels / video input (balanced / unbalanced)
  • Embedded Audio: SMPTE-272M-A
  • IP: 100 Base-TX, Supported Protocols: TSL, AXP, Connector: RJ45
  • Alarms: No audio, audio high / low, no video, video black, video frozen, WSS, AFD
  • Control: Front panel buttons for quick preset recalls, GPIs, Apantac ASCII Protocol (AXP), Director (configuration and control application)
  • Electrical: 200W, 
90-250V 50/60 Hz
  • EMI/RFI: Complies with FCC Part 15, Class A, CE, EU
  • Power: Optional Redundant power supply
  • Size: 1RU, 44.5cm (17.5") W x 50cm (19.7") D



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